BRN4D Discussion Board Rules

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  1. Your opinions are welcome on this board.
  2. In depth discussion of the barrel racing industry as a whole are welcome and encouraged.
  3. However, personal attacks of individuals will not be tolerated.
  4. Any post considered rude, defaming, mean or just plain gossip can and will be removed at the sole discretion of BRN4D.
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  6. Please do NOT post Classified ads or a notice that you have placed a classified ad on the discussion board. A convenient link to the classifieds has been placed at the top of the DB page. These post maybe removed due to size constraints for the DB.

You do have freedom of speech in your own forum but this forum will have discretions.

Please post your feedback about races, race formats, tack, supplements, producers (remembering rule #3), locations, facilities and anything else regarding the Barrel Racing Industry.

If you have any question please feel free to contact Mike Gammelgard at E-Mail